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November 28, 2018

Wooden Crates: The Ideal Solution for All Your Packaging Needs

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If you are in a business where you must ship your products either domestically or internationally, you’re going to need a reliable packaging system to ensure your items reach their destinations unscathed. At Timber Creek, we design and manufacture wooden crates, boxes, and pallets to protect products during shipment.
We have engineered and built custom wood crate solutions for hundreds of clients and have also become the go-to supplier for companies simply looking for wooden crates for sale. Because we have been in the crate business for decades with a reputation for the highest level of service. Regional manufacturers and even competitors turn to us for guidance in packaging solutions.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Wooden Crates

  1. Chose from thousands of packaging designs.

Since our inception, we have designed over 30,000 wood packages for numerous applications and the many wooden crates for sale in our inventory have been designed to provide protection against common problems during shipping. We will also help you choose which packaging design is the most appropriate option for your product. Whatever product you are shipping, we will have or we will create the perfect packaging solution.

  1. We build customized wooden pallet bases.

Your products will be in danger of being damaged if they’re anchored to an unstable base within a crate. This is the main reason why we customize to each customer’s specific application. When designing the crate, our team considers important factors like shock absorption, sheer strength, and blocking. Our customized wooden pallet bases protect your product whether shipping domestically or internationally.

  1. We employ packaging design engineers on our staff.

Every wooden crate, box, and pallet we manufacture goes through the supervision of our experienced packaging design engineers. Drawing from over a century of design experience, we make sure that our packaging solutions deliver exactly what we promise our customers.

  1. We have a fleet of trucks.

For easy delivery of the crates, boxes, and pallets we manufacture, we have invested in a full fleet of trucks. This grants us greater control over delivery, rather than depending on outside carriers alone. Once your order is complete, one of our trucks will deliver same day. We also offer free customer pickup.

The Bottom Line

We don’t sell generic crates and pallets. Instead we make sure that the crates we make are appropriate for the products being shipped by our customers. By designing over 30,000 wooden packages for all sorts of products, we are your resource if you need high-quality wooden crates for sale. Whatever product you want to ship, we have the right packaging solution to ensure your items will reach their destinations complete and undamaged.
For your packaging needs, give us a call at 414-466-1645.

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