How Custom Pallets, Skids, & Bases Streamline Manufacturing

In heavy equipment manufacturing, agriculture, and the steel industry, industrial packaging is needed long before it’s time to ship out a finished product. The custom pallets, skids, and bases we design not only help store heavy duty products, they assist in the manufacturing process and simplify packaging by eliminating double handling.

How Custom Pallets, Skids, and Bases are Designed & Built

After conducting a walk-through or obtaining a product drawing, our packaging engineers design custom pallets, skids, or bases from a combination of hardwood, softwood, panel products, and foam. Each order is developed according to the customer’s unique needs and can be adapted for both storage and transport in any warehouse, shipping container, or workcell.

Some design elements are used to streamline the manufacturing process. For example, packaging engineers may include casters for manual movement from workcell to workcell, or raise the height of a pallet, base or skid so that a forklift can pass under it. By improving transport during manufacturing, custom industrial pallets, bases, and skids help to maximize productivity and eliminate waste.

Around 65% of the total industrial packaging produced by Timber Creek Resource is ISPM 15 certified for international shipping. Hardwood pallets, skids, and bases are sometimes subject to heat treating for this purpose. All softwood materials arrive to our facility kiln-dried and marked with the heat treat stamp. The ability to source these materials from our own mills bolsters sourcing integrity and lowers the final cost of pallets, skids, and bases for the customer.

How Custom Industrial Packaging Prevents Double-Handling

The better suited a custom pallet, skid, or base is to the overall operation, the faster and more cost efficient that process will be. With a little creative engineering, it’s possible to use the same custom bases for both internal and external logistics. This eliminates the problem of double-handling and streamlines both packaging and manufacturing.

By securing a corrugated enclosure on top of an existing custom base, we can form a shipping box around the product. Like custom industrial pallets, skids, and bases, these enclosures are unlimited in size and volume. To keep the packaging process fluid, enclosures can be quickly and easily nailed to the base or banded at the end of the manufacturing process.

Other customizations secure products without the need for additional packaging, no matter where or how they’re likely to be transported. For example, it’s possible to run the top boards of base on a CNC machine to create mounting hole patterns. This allows heavy machinery to be anchored down for both secure shipping and internal transport. A design can also utilize V-notched saddles to cradle heavy components and keep them from rolling off while in motion. Radius blocks are also sometimes bolted to the decks of a pallet for the same reason.

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Enviro-Board: Reusable Packaging That Lasts for Decades

Enviro-Board is an extremely durable, and reusable industrial packaging material that has been helping our customers reduce costs for three decades. Made from high-density polyethylene, with up to 94% total recycled content, this packaging material is as environmentally friendly as it is reliable.

Enviro-Board is a Cost Effective & Reusable Packaging Solution

Years ago, we realized that some of our customers needed an indefinitely reusable packaging material in order to make their shipping and packaging operations more cost effective. Though much of our highly durable, all-weather wooden packaging is designed to last, some applications seemed to need something even tougher.

Consisting of recycled plastic and high-density polyethylene, Enviro-Board does not break down the way that all wooden packaging eventually will. As a result, very demanding shipping and manufacturing environments can indefinitely reuse Enviro-Board packaging in their operations. Unlike other types of industrial packaging, Timber Creek Resource is even able to repair boxes, pallets, and crates made from Enviro-Board. As a result, repeat purchases of Enviro-Board reusable packaging is rarely needed.

Timber Creek Resource has seen some of our Enviro-Board industrial packaging last for over 20 years. By now, those Enviro-Board containers and pallets have paid for themselves multiple times over, saving our customers a significant amount in packaging costs. By comparison, other types of competing polyethylene reusable packaging do not last as long, because they are typically manufactured with sawdust as a filler that weakens the overall integrity of the material.

Who Benefits from Enviro-Board Reusable Packaging

We most often see Enviro-Board used in closed-loop shipping operations that want to use the same shipping materials over and over. Businesses in the automotive industry, light industrial manufacturing, construction, paper, and steel manufacturing are just a few examples of the types of customers who use Enviro-Board.

These customers like Enviro-Board for its durability, its ability to be used in overseas shipping, and for its level of customization. Timber Creek Resource can craft Enviro-Board pallets, crates, and boxes in unlimited sizes and quantities, giving customers the flexibility they need. So far, we’ve built Enviro-Board boxes as large as 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, and as small as a shoe box. Even larger or smaller options are still possible.

Another benefit of Enviro-Board as a reusable packaging material is the ability to keep track of Enviro-Board industrial packaging using ID tagging. This is especially convenient in automated shipping and inventory operations. Enviro-Board reusable packaging can also be stenciled with branding and labeling to further aid in parcel identification and tracking.

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