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April 19, 2019

Collapsible Hinged-Corner Crates are Efficient Solutions for High Volume Packaging

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Collapsible industrial crates are a sustainable packaging solution for high volume jobs where heavy products must be completely crated. This lightweight and cost effective crate unfolds like a carton, and can be easily slipped over the top of the product. The crating process is much faster than building individual pieces of industrial packaging around heavy machinery, parts, or materials.
Shorter packaging processes save manufacturers time and money, while also protecting their investment. The larger the product, the more labor intensive it can be to fully package it, making a hinged-corner crate a time and energy-saving option. At Timber Creek, our packaging engineers have built custom hinged-corner crates as large as 8 ft x 6 ft.

Sustainable Packaging with Collapsible Industrial Crates Make Effective and Accessible Storage Solutions

A packaging solution must withstand thousands of pounds of weight and harsh conditions in order to be a viable option for heavy industry. For this reason, collapsible crate designs are not only efficient, they’re also highly durable. These crates can protect materials indoors or outdoors, and aren’t subject to moisture damage like OSB crating.

Collapsible crates are also extremely strong, and hold up far better than corrugated packaging. At Timber Creek, each of our hinged corner crates can be shake-tested in an ISTA-certified lab to assure customers that their products will be safe from shipping damage. These lighter-than-plywood crates are also shipped flat and take up less storage space in warehouses.

Collapsible Industrial Crate Designs

Our industrial hinged-corner crates can be built with either nylon straps or metal tabs to secure it. While nylon straps are stronger and more durable, metal tabs are more cost effective. Packaging engineers will suggest a specific collapsible crate design hinge according the customer’s size, weight and use requirements.

Timber Creek also builds hinged-corner crates in either “full-tube” or “half-tube” designs. Full-tube designs are best for smaller products and are made with all 4 sides of the crate connected. Half-tube designs are specifically intended for crating exceptionally large pieces, and are made with 2 of the 4 sides connected for easier assembly. For each of our industrial crating customers, Timber Creek engineers collaborate to understand the application and help determine which product works best. We can help you with all your packaging needs.

For more information on hinged-corner crating at Timber Creek, email Dave Thurs at davet@mbxpkg.com, or reach out by phone at 715-679-3080.

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