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Custom Wood Packaging

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Timber Creek: Quality Wood Packaging Products

Timber Creek supplies customers across a wide spectrum of industries with wood packaging products, including: wooden crates, pallets, and more. If you want pallets, Milwaukee-based Timber Creek can help via one of our many locations. Do you need custom wood crates to ship something very specific? We are well-versed in the packaging and lumber industry. We have an experienced team and engineers ready to help you with your wood packaging needs, for domestic or international shipments.

Custom Crates, Pallets, and More

We offer a variety of wood packaging products in unique configurations, based on your specific needs. Need a quote? Talk to one of our team members about your product’s dimensions, weight and any other packaging requirements. Are you having a shipping challenge? We’ve got decades of expertise within our organization, which is comprised of industrial lumber and wood products companies that, together, form Timber Creek. We are often called upon by clients to help them solve their custom crates issues and we continually strive to serve our clients with quality, affordable products that are delivered on-time.

Want more information about our infrastructure and capabilities? With numerous locations and a large fleet of trucks to transport wood packaging to customers needing pallets in Milwaukee or the greater Wisconsin area, we are well-equipped to meet your needs.

Call us today to talk about custom wood crates or wooden boxes as well as other wood packaging.

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