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COVID-19 UPDATE 3-24-2020

Timber Creek Resource has been designated via the Department of Homeland Security as a “critical infrastructure” manufacturer. Our packaging solutions are serving manufacturers to the electrical grid that brings power to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, test kit manufacturers along with homes and other businesses. Our customers are depending on us to […]

How Custom Pallets, Skids, & Bases Streamline Manufacturing

In heavy equipment manufacturing, agriculture, and the steel industry, industrial packaging is needed long before it’s time to ship out a finished product. The custom pallets, skids, and bases we design not only help store heavy duty products, they assist in the manufacturing process and simplify packaging by eliminating double […]

Enviro-Board: Reusable Packaging That Lasts for Decades

Enviro-Board is an extremely durable, and reusable industrial packaging material that has been helping our customers reduce costs for three decades. Made from high-density polyethylene, with up to 94% total recycled content, this packaging material is as environmentally friendly as it is reliable. Enviro-Board is a Cost Effective & Reusable […]

Panel vs. Softwood: Which Industrial Wooden Box is Right for You?

How we make an industrial wooden box depends entirely on the product, its application, and destination. Timber Creek Resource begins with your specs in order to design a box that will get your products where they need to go safely and damage-free, while still being cost effective. There are many […]

Live Plant Shipping Containers: The Wirebound Nursery Crate

The wirebound nursery crate is a cost-effective shipping container for a variety of live plants including annuals, perennials, and small shrubs. On the outside, they seem fairly uniform. Each wirebound nursery crate fits around a standard GMA pallet and measure 74 inches tall. On the inside, however, these live plant […]

Collapsible Hinged-Corner Crates are Efficient Solutions for High Volume Packaging

Collapsible industrial crates are an efficient solution for high volume jobs where heavy products must be completely crated. This lightweight and cost effective crate unfolds like a carton, and can be easily slipped over the top of the product. The crating process is much faster than building individual pieces of […]

You Need High Quality Pallets Milwaukee!

It is that time of the year again. You are working to increase the amount of material and goods in your location to meet your customers’ needs. No matter which facet of the business you operate in, from the manufacturing to the distribution, it is essential to have the right […]

4 Reasons to Choose Wooden Shipping Boxes for Your Business

Are you tired of your shipping containers breaking? Maybe you are getting too many damage claims, or your freight costs keep going up each quarter? This could be a good time to explore the many benefits of wooden shipping boxes and crates from Timber Creek Resource. In fact, here are […]

Go Lean: Vendor Managed Inventory Benefits

Perfecting inventory management of industrial packaging products is a key component of lean manufacturing. Unfortunately, it’s often easier said than done. The process of inventory management is not only time-consuming and tedious, it’s crucial for maximizing ROI and maintaining workflow. Many companies are shifting the burden of tracking packaging inventory […]