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Custom Wood Crates

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Custom Wood Crates

We can custom design and manufacture any style of custom wood crates for export and domestic use. We can build to MIL-SPEC requirements or create custom wood crates to specifications provided by our customers. Our custom wood crates, whether they are standard or custom wood crates, can be fully assembled with removable tops or ends or prefabricated for assembly at your location. We can engineer and manufacture any wooden crate for shipment of your product(s) to anywhere in the world.

Wirebound Crates

We Offer The Following Custom Products:

  • 2-Way Crates
  • 4-Way Crates
  • Export Crates
  • Hardwood Crates
  • Heat Treated (HT) Crates
  • Heavy-Duty Crates
  • Knock-Down Crates
  • Light-Duty Crates
  • Open-Side Crates
  • Open-Top Crates
  • OSB Crates
  • Plywood Crates
  • Removable-Side Crates
  • Returnable Crates
  • Reusable Crates
  • Show Crates
  • Softwood Crates
  • Stenciled Crates
  • Wire-Bound Crates

Contact a Timber Creek packaging design engineer about your custom wood crate needs.

Wirebound Crates

Wirebound crates and boxes are strong, rugged, and versatile. Wirebounds can be designed for a single product or bulk loads of over one ton. Wirebounds provide durable, easy to assemble packaging at a great price. Wirebounds are built to take abuse.

They look rugged because they are rugged…strong enough to withstand your most demanding applications.

Wirebounds, crates, pallet boxes and other custom solutions can be designed for almost any product or application. Rest assured that your product is well protected on its way to your customer.

Wooden wirebound containers consistently outperform triplewall corrugated containers. In standard warehouse atmospheric conditions, wirebound pallet boxes carry 60% higher stacking loads than triplewall. When subjected to high humidity and temperature conditions, triplewall containers lose an additional 45% of their stacking strength. When subjected to rain, they lose 85% of their original stacking strength.

Wirebounds are 8.5 times stronger than triplewall corrugated when wet. This allows you to store wirebounds outside, thereby freeing up valuable plant and warehouse floor space.

We offer the following diverse types of wirebound packaging:

Custom designed industrial wirebound boxes, crates and pallet containers

Military and government wirebound containers, fabricated in accordance to the following popular specs:

  • PPP-B-585
  • PPP-B-587
  • Mil-B-46506

Standard “off the shelf” pallet boxes which can be purchased in small quantities – up to full truckload amounts to satisfy your immediate shipping requirements

  • Collapsible and reusable nylon corner pallet boxes
  • Nursery crates in 3-8 shelf variations
  • Cranberry bins
  • Warehouse boxes and bins with gate access for parts storage and stock selection

You may also e-mail or fax us drawings of desired dimensions & specifications.

Our crates can be shipped on either van trailers for end-unloading, or on flatbed trailers for side-unloading.

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