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Corrugated Tubing Box

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Depending on your needs, corrugated tubing can often be a great option to save on weight, space, time and money. Timber Creek proudly owns one of only a few machines in the US that can make long, corrugated boxes for pipes, rods, and tubing. There are a number of advantages of using our V-Notched,Triple-Wall Corrugated Boxes including:

  • Cost Savings: Triple-wall corrugated boxes can be a cost-effective alternative to other packaging materials. They also save money in freight, warehousing, and assembly.
  • On-site Assembly: The clean corners provided by V-Notching create long, flat panels that are easily shaped by one person.
  • Freight/Warehousing: Shipped and stored flat; we can stack 3 units (150 boxes) of unfolded boxes on a truck, or as many as 250 boxes high in our warehouse. Our V-Notched Triple-Wall Corrugated Boxes can be economically shipped anywhere in the United States.
  • Length/Weight: Up to 300 inches long (solid piece) at a fraction of the weight of wood.

How it works

Triple-wall corrugated sheets can be manufactured in a way that they can be shipped as flat sheets and effortlessly folded into a 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-panel box on site as needed.

Using a custom-designed, v-notching machine, blades cut two 45 degree angles between the flaps of the box. When folded, the flaps form a perfect 90-degree angle. During the manufacturing process, the blades cut out two of the three layers of the Triple-Wall board, leaving one single wall intact at the corners. Standard scoring does not give the clean, straight outside edge on triple-wall corrugated that our v-notch machine can produce. The ends of the boxes are completed with solid 2-inch heat-treated lumber (lumber can easily be stamped for ISPM 15 compliance). The corrugated sheets can be up to 300 inches long (25 feet) and 72 inches wide (6 feet).

The V-Notch Box is designed to accommodate the extreme length of tubes, rods, pipes, and gaskets through its cross-section. Reinforcement can be added with custom-designed wood pallets and skids when necessary.

Possible Designs

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