48″x40″ Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

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Our heavy duty plastic pallet is a standard 48×40 grid-top pallet. It is nestable and holds up to 3100 lbs if being moved on a fork (dynamic load), or as much as 8800 lbs if the material is just being placed on the pallet and not moved (static load).

With 4-way entry, this plastic pallet can be accessed from all four sides, and has 9 feet for support. Pallet weight is 22 lbs and has a nesting height of 1.9 inches.

A rackable version of this plastic pallet exists with snap-on runners.  This makes the pallet able to support up to 1,300 lbs. on a rack.  This plastic pallet should only be considered for use with racking when using the snap-on runners.  It is designed to be an economical plastic one-way pallet for domestic or export use.

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