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Industrial Lumber

Timber Creek, LLC can accommodate all your industrial wholesale lumber needs including, hardwood lumber, softwood lumber, engineered lumber, SPF lumber, Douglas Fir lumber, pine lumber, and heat-treated lumber for export applications. We have rail siding to bring in rail cars of SPF lumber from Canada to keep costs down and we are able to pass that savings on to you. With a vast inventory of wholesale lumber and our own fleet of trucks, we provide superior turnaround time and can deliver lumber as fast as the next day.

SPF Lumber

Spruce-Pine-Fir, or SPF lumber, refers to a segment of softwoods used mainly to make dimensional lumber for home building and panels. Although there are eastern and western varieties of SPF lumber, we tend to use the Eastern SPF lumber for their favorable freight costs. In the wood packaging industry, we deal […]

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Hardwood Lumber

Timber Creek maintains an excellent relationship with several hardwood mills throughout the country. We are also unique in the fact that we own two of our own hardwood lumber sawmills in Cavour, Wisconsin and Antigo, Wisconsin. We carry a large inventory of wholesale hardwood lumber in most common hardwood dimensions […]

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Softwood Lumber

Our rail siding at our Milwaukee facility allows us to bring in rail cars of softwood SPF lumber from Canada. We also bring in southern yellow pine out of the south depending on the market. We inventory 1×4 inch through 1×12 inch SPF boards from 8 to 16 feet. We […]

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Engineered Lumber

If you have an application that requires engineered lumber, Timber Creek is your best bet for Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL) or Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). PSL can be milled to any dimension from 1×2 inch up to 2×12 inch. We stock many varieties of PSL for our customers, but our […]

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Since the implementation of ISPM 15 regulations, there have been changes requiring hardwood or softwood blocking used as dunnage be marked according to international standards. If you use hardwood lumber or softwood lumber inside shipping containers, crates, or boxes that ship internationally, this material must be independently treated and marked. […]

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Whether you want hardwood, engineered lumber, or softwood lumber, Timber Creek has you covered with great industrial lumber — fast. We can help with all your industrial lumber needs, including SPF lumber or economy lumber.

We can deliver wholesale industrial lumber as soon as next day. Timber Creek not only has the ability to serve your lumber needs but we also have a large fleet of trucks to transport that industrial lumber to your doorstep.

Hardwood: We have our own hardwood sawmills and work with several other sawmills as well, which gives us scalable capabilities that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We can also cut custom dimensions specific to your application right from the log – saving you money.

Softwood: Need heat treated softwood lumber for export wood packaging or dunnage? We supply most of our customers with Eastern SPF lumber, offering a great softwood economy lumber option that’s economical, too.

Engineered Lumber: We can help with your PSL or LVL engineered lumber needs.

Dunnage: Need dunnage for your international shipping needs? We strive to help our customers streamline shipping processes in a way that’s also economical.


Timber Creek continues to grow and improve, year over year. Our goal is to become a world-class leader in the wood packaging industry. Companies formerly known as Larkin Lumber, Wetterau Wood Products, MGD Industrial Lumber, Wetenkamp Pallet, Caswell Lumber, JK Jordan Industrial Lumber, and Oak Creek Wood Products make up what is now known as Timber Creek. Timber Creek is a supplier of hardwood lumber, softwood lumber, wood packaging, and shipping products. These wood packaging products include custom wood pallets, custom wood crates, plastic pallets, stock wood crates, and wood boxes for domestic or international packaging. With ten full-time packaging design engineers, our company’s specialty is in the engineering of custom wood boxes, crates, and crate packaging.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we are one of the largest industrial lumber and custom wood packaging wholesalers in the Midwest, with 11 locations regularly servicing customers throughout the country.

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