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As with our wooden crates, our wooden boxes are fully customizable. We can create any style of custom wooden boxes for export and domestic use, built to MIL-SPEC requirements or yours. We can engineer and manufacture our wooden shipping boxes and wooden shipping containers for transport to anywhere in the world. Whether you need fully assembled wooden boxes with removable sides or prefabricated and knock down for assembly at your location, we can meet your needs.

Custom wooden boxes of any dimension available including:

  • 2-Way Boxes
  • 4-Way Boxes
  • Chemical Transport Boxes
  • Electronic Component Boxes
  • Engine/Engine Parts Boxes
  • Export Boxes
  • Foam-Lined Component Boxes
  • Foam-Lined Computer Boxes
  • Foundry Boxes
  • Hardwood Boxes
  • Heat Treated (HT) Boxes
  • Knock-Down Boxes
  • Large Machinery Boxes
  • Metal Fabrication Boxes
  • Open-Side Boxes
  • Open-Top Boxes
  • OSB Boxes
  • Plywood Boxes
  • Removable-Side Boxes
  • Returnable Boxes
  • Reusable Boxes
  • Show Boxes
  • Softwood Boxes
  • Stenciled Boxes
  • Transformer Boxes
  • Wire-Bound Boxes

Experts in Wooden Shipping Containers and Custom Wooden Boxes

Timber Creek packaging engineers are experts in wooden shipping containers. We can create wooden shipping boxes based on your exact specifications. Do you need custom wooden boxes to ship products to your customers? We have an excellent reputation for quality and affordability in wooden shipping boxes and would be happy to quote based on your requirements or to help you with a personalized consultation where we look at your existing infrastructure and make recommendations for custom wooden containers that might better meet your needs, producing better value.

Contact a Timber Creek packaging design engineer about your custom wooden box needs.


Timber Creek continues to grow and improve, year over year. Our goal is to become a world-class leader in the wood packaging industry. Companies formerly known as Larkin Lumber, Wetterau Wood Products, MGD Industrial Lumber, Wetenkamp Pallet, Caswell Lumber, JK Jordan Industrial Lumber, and Oak Creek Wood Products make up what is now known as Timber Creek. Timber Creek is a supplier of hardwood lumber, softwood lumber, wood packaging, and shipping products. These wood packaging products include custom wood pallets, custom wood crates, plastic pallets, stock wood crates, and wood boxes for domestic or international packaging. With ten full-time packaging design engineers, our company’s specialty is in the engineering of custom wood boxes, crates, and crate packaging.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we are one of the largest industrial lumber and custom wood packaging wholesalers in the Midwest, with 11 locations regularly servicing customers throughout the country.

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