Timber Creek Resource Acquisition Expands Historic Manufacturing Operation

hinged corner crate Timber Creek Resource acquired a piece of local Wausau history in its 2017 purchase of MBX Packaging Specialists and has now rebranded both Wausau and Beloit operations under its own name.

Timber Creek Resource specializes in the design and construction of custom industrial packaging, so the Beloit and Wausau plants, which have deep roots in Wisconsin’s lumber and industrial crating industry since 1892, are a natural fit. With its own fleet of trucks, multi-state lumber shipping capabilities, and extensive product lines, Timber Creek Resource is one of the largest lumber wholesalers and custom crating operations in the Midwest. This provides the Beloit and Wausau operations with greater resources and shipping capabilities than before. Timber Creek Resource will benefit from increased capacity and reach, the addition of the collapsible metal tab corner crate to their product offerings, and the expertise of experienced staff.

Timber Creek Resource Sales Manager, Ryan Ziegler, had this to say about the acquisition and Wisconsin manufacturing:

The people in Wausau and Beloit have been great to work with, and we’re happy to officially welcome them into the Timber Creek family. We are always looking to grow in smart ways to better service our customers, and these locations increase our capacity and reach.  The synergy of these operations coming together is good for Wisconsin and good for the industry as a whole.

Wetterau Wood Purchased by Timber Creek Resource

Antigo Sawmill

Antigo Sawmill

Timber Creek Resource has made another strategic acquisition of a northern hardwood sawmill. This new location is a unique supplier of wholesale hardwood pallets and aspen pallets. There are few facilities cutting logs and assembling pallets under one roof. Several benefits of this process include a reduced cost of material to produce pallets, and there are much higher quality boards going into the pallets we produce in this location. This facility is also environmentally friendly for those companies needing to work with “green” or sustainable resource companies. 100% of the log is consumed during manufacturing and waste streams are used for animal bedding, wood pellets, or used on-site to heat the facility.

The company formerly known as Wetterau Wood in Antigo, Wisconsin is now known as Timber Creek Resource – Antigo Sawmill.

Wisconsin Box Partnership

Custom Coil Crate

Custom Wirebound Crates

Wisconsin Box is a high-volume supplier of custom wirebound crates. Timber Creek has partnered exclusively with Wisconsin Box company to provide our customers with this unique option for packaging. Wisconsin Box focuses primarily on industrial manufacturers, such as forging and casting companies, but also produces wirebound fruit and vegetable crates. Wirebound crates store and ship knocked down to take up less space in warehousing and trucking. The ability to quickly assemble wirebound crates without nail guns or screws is appealing to companies with strict safety regulations. Wirebound Crates are shipped nationwide!

New Partnership with MGD Lumber

Timber Creek Resource - Walworth Facility

Timber Creek Resource – Walworth Facility

Timber Creek Resource and MGD Lumber enter into a partnership to better serve their customers. MGD Lumber’s location in Walworth is a key staging point for some of Timber Creek’s south central Wisconsin customers, and Timber Creek’s Milwaukee location has railroad access for reduced cost on carloads of lumber for MGD Lumber.

New Shipping and Packaging Supplies Division

Timber Creek Resource is ready to officially announce the release of our online Packaging Supplies store. This site is designed to make it easier for our customers to get all their packaging and shipping supplies from one place. TimberCreekPackaging.com offers over 10,000 products to our new and existing customers. Products including (but not limited to) corrugated boxes,corrugated mailers and tubes, poly bags, bubble and foam sheets, tape, stretch film,labels, and much more in over 20 major product group categories.
Timber Creek Resource February 15, 2010

Critical ISPM 15 Revision Update

Click to read our whitepaper explaining the new revison to ISPM 15. The bark restriction changes that were proposed by the EU have been adopted as the international standard. This means that all ISPM 15 countries (including Mexico) will begin rejecting wood packaging and dunnage that has not been debarked. For more information beyond the whitepaper, see the Bark Restrictions page in this website.