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May 9, 2019

Live Plant Shipping Containers: The Wirebound Nursery Crate

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live plant shipping containers

The wirebound nursery crate is a cost-effective shipping container for a variety of live plants including annuals, perennials, and small shrubs. On the outside, they seem fairly uniform. Each wirebound nursery crate fits around a standard GMA pallet and measure 74 inches tall. On the inside, however, these live plant shipping containers can have custom cleats to fit anywhere from 3 to 5 slide-in shelves.

Introducing The Live Plant Shipping Container – The Wirebound Nursery Crate

The easy, slide-in shelving makes this nursery crate especially convenient. They’re designed to allow water to drain from shelf to shelf for efficient watering and drainage. After each shelf is in place, the crate’s sides are stapled to a pallet, and the front of the wirebound can be swung shut and fastened securely for transportation.

Wirebound nursery crates can be made from hardwood or softwood, and are built to support up to 1,000 pounds. Our packaging engineers at Timber Creek help each customer decide on the best materials and shelf design for their specific needs. Slight customizations like these help us ensure that every live plant shipping container is both cost effective and functional.

Unique Benefits of These Shipping Containers

Compared to metal racking, wirebound crates are so cost-effective they are considered disposable. They’re also easier to assemble, and don’t have to be picked up from each destination after delivery. While wirebound nursery crates are designed for safe disposal, they’re still strong enough for reuse when needed. These nursery crates are also cost-effective in terms of logistics. For nurseries moving large amounts of product, 275 wirebound nursery crates can be shipped per truckload, reducing overall costs. This can be an important factor for smaller businesses that don’t have a large-scale logistics operation.  

These live plant shipping containers also serve more than one purpose. Beyond moving product from nurseries to retailers, wirebound nursery crates are also great for point of purchase display. This nursery crate’s exceptional durability makes it a reliable option for outdoor storage. Its hardy material can easily withstand the elements, making these nursery crates perfect for outdoor displays.

Whatever your packaging needs, Timber Creek is here to engineer a solution. For more information on the live plant shipping containers available at Timber Creek, get in touch with our wirebound nursery crate specialist, Mike Moffett, at MikeM@wisconsinbox.com, email wirebound crate expert John Tomaino, or call 716-695-5360.

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