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February 6, 2019

Cut Costs With This Wood Pallet Alternative

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Getting creative in cutting overhead is how heavy industry stays competitive, and swapping out traditional pallets for more cost effective storage and packing solutions is just one way to do that. As a wood pallet alternative, band notched lumber is not only less expensive, it’s customizable and adaptable to modern automated packing systems. In the right applications, band notched lumber could be the wood pallet alternative you’re looking for.

How Does Band Notched Lumber Work?

For operations moving, stacking, and storing high volumes of large or lengthy self-supporting materials around a facility, traditional wood pallets may not always be adequate. This is why band notched lumber was developed as a heavy duty wood pallet alternative for applications in construction, automotive, and defense industries.
Band notched lumber acts as a pallet-crate hybrid for long pieces of material such as metal products, tubing, piping, or plywood. Each piece of lumber is cut to a specific length and strategically grooved. Between two and four pieces of band notched lumber is typically placed underneath or around a product, while steel or plastic banding is wrapped up and over the material to secure it in place along each groove. This notched design also allows a forklift to slide under the unit for efficient internal transport without the risk of damaging product. In some cases, band notched lumber can also work as runners on skids to allow for banding to slide freely under the skid and around the product being supported.
Band notched lumber is intended for shipping and for use in facilities where a durable, reusable storage solution is required.

What Makes Band Notched Lumber a Great Wood Pallet Alternative?

The number one reason to consider band notched lumber as a wood pallet alternative is the price point. Band notched lumber can be inexpensively shipped across hundreds of miles, requires less storage space than wood pallets, and being reusable, can help maximize your investment in essential industrial packing materials.
However, cost savings isn’t the only benefit of making the switch to band notched lumber should the job call for it. At Timber Creek, we specialize in custom industrial packaging, and like most of our products, band notched lumber can be cut to a wide variety of sizes to accommodate unique specifications. Lengths typically range from 24 to 96 inches, while the number and type of bands used depends on the size and weight of the material.
Timber Creek is ISPM 15 certified, accommodating companies that need to adhere to international policies.
Not only is band notched lumber cost effective and customizable, it can be used in both manual and automated processes. As a matter of fact, Timber Creek offers facility visits where our packaging engineers can take a look at your total operation or automated packing system to make an assessment of what industrial packaging solutions might be best. Whether band notched lumber is the right wood pallet alternative for you, our team is committed to finding a true solution for your precise needs.
To request samples of band notched lumber or find out more about the custom industrial packaging and storage solutions provided at Timber Creek, contact Tamra Kegler at 715-623-7907 or tamrak@fca-timbercreek.com.

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