Antigo, Wisconsin Hardwood Sawmill Facility

For over 40 years, this facility has been producing high quality truckloads of custom hardwood pallets.

Our Antigo sawmill cuts over 8 million (8,000,000) board feet of hardwood and aspen logs per year. These logs are converted into 100% usable product including cut stock, wood crates, wood boxes and over 400,000 custom wood pallets.

All of the plant’s aspen or hardwood logs processed are consumed as finished product going to customers or as heat for the plant in winter.

Antogo Sawmill Facility

Antigo Sawmill Facility

This facility is heated by the sawdust byproduct produced in the sawmill.  Sawdust not consumed onsite for heat is sold for pellets and animal bedding.  The complete use of each log that enters this plant, means no part of a tree cut to be processed in this facility ends up in a landfill.  This is why Timber Creek Resource is proud to run this most environmentally friendly facility.

Our sawmill operation has created positions for over 60 employees in the Antigo area, and will continue to support the community as we grow our customer base.

Timber Creek Resource, LLC follows Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) practices. We are constantly growing and expanding to meet the requirements of our customers while staying well educated in the wood industry.

1600 Deleglise St
Antigo, WI 54409
Phone: 715-623-7907