Jim Krause

Jim KrauseJim started at Timber Creek Resource – Wisconsin Box on November 28, 2011. Before starting with TCR, most of his 45+ years of experience was primarily working for a large paper company  (35 years). After that company was dissolved in 2007, Jim’s goal was to find a company that best fit his skills, situation, and he wanted to be doing something that he truly enjoyed, that provided the most value to him and his customers and co-workers. His experience lends itself best to helping customers in reducing costs, streamlining product flow, managing inventory, removing operational bottlenecks, setting up JIT/VMI Programs etc.  He has the expertise and knowledge to provide cost reduction initiatives, and provide packaging concepts that resolve the most challenging situations. Jim currently works with many of Timber Creek Resource’s wirebound crate customers, and he provides design concepts for wirebound crates, pallet boxes, corrugated, and a combination of materials in obtaining the most cost effective packaging solutions for customers.


5059 North 119th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53225

Cell: 414-430-5777