From start to finish, Timber Creak Resource offers innovative approaches to solving our customers’ wood packaging needs, right down to assuring ISPM 15 Export Compliance. Everything we do is with the goal of exceeding expectations, through high quality, low costs, and excellent customer service. We consider customer satisfaction to be our top priority. We can customize, package, heat treat, and manage your entire wood packaging program. Click here to learn more about ISPM 15 Compliance.

Timber Creek offers custom cut lumber and products. This is a very popular service for customers who prefer to have the exact size materials they need, with no waste.  We are a remanufacturer of panel and lumber products so that you don’t have to be. We hire and train saw operators so you don’t have the expense, risk, and time-consuming process of cutting raw materials to the size you need. Let us do it for you.

When you use Timber Creek to design and manufacture your custom packaging, it ensures your goods will arrive intact and undamaged at their destination. We take the guesswork out of the export-packaging process. We guide our customers through each step of the process, asking them to consider how the product is being moved (air, road, rail, sea), and whether a plywood box, heavy-duty crate, or disposable or re-usable pack would best suit their needs.

We adhere to international regulations for exporting and help our customers navigate the regulation process. Boxes and crates can be wrapped in transparent and heat-sealable, polyethylene films to provide the combined benefit of vapor barrier and anti-corrosion protection.

Timber Creek will gladly provide ISPM 15 certification letters for you to use during the export process. When we manufacture a custom export pallet, crate, or box for your product, it will be ISPM 15 export certified by Timber Creek Resource and our third-party auditor, Timber Products Inspection.


Timber Creek owns and maintains several heat treatment and kiln drying chambers throughout the country. We produces heat-treated wood pallets, wood skids and lumber to conform to ISPM 15 heat treat regulations needed for export shipping. We are registered with and audited by Timber Products Inspection and certified to produce and stamp ISPM 15 lumber, wood crates, wood boxes, wood pallets, plastic pallets, wood skids, and dunnage. We are also able to heat treat a customer’s own material upon request. Click here to learn more about ISPM 15 Compliance.

Heat Treating

We review our customers’ goals, objectives, and challenges to offer solutions to streamline the process. We work hard to assure timeliness of delivery and maximize manufacturing floor space by understanding your production capabilities and customizing our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and stocking programs.

Timber Creek can help you reduce your inventory costs by providing Just-in-Time (JIT) deliveries.  We have shorter lead times than the competition, and tighter control of stocking levels through computerized stocking programs, and computerized flexible scheduling.

Timber Creek can engineer and manufacture wood pallets, wood boxes, and wood crates that adhere to strict government specifications. Due to the dynamic nature of military and government packaging, we recommend you contact a sales associate for more details regarding your project.


Working closely with area industrial-, medical-, and technology-based manufacturers, our packaging designers and packaging engineers have a keen understanding of most products available on the market – including their strengths and weaknesses. We offer extensive experience in developing the most cost-effective package for your products through custom design and engineering. Learn how our experienced packaging engineers can design a custom solution to fit your company’s unique needs with a free packaging review for qualified customers.

Timber Creek Resource, LLC has its own fleet of more than 10 trucks, capable of providing swift and prompt service – with guaranteed, on-time delivery, every time. We offer large, flatbed trucks and trailers, van trailers, and compact trucks capable of getting into smaller docks where space is limited. Our diverse fleet, ranging from 24 to 53 feet, is capable of accommodating a wide variety of load sizes with the flexibility to dock load or side load. With our experienced and dedicated TCR fleet staff, we can ensure safe, on-time delivery of all your packaging needs.