SPF Lumber

Spruce-Pine-Fir, or SPF lumber, refers to a segment of softwoods used mainly to make dimensional lumber for home building and panels. Although there are eastern and western varieties of SPF lumber, we tend to use the Eastern SPF lumber for their favorable freight costs. In the wood packaging industry, we deal with the lower grades of SPF lumber that are, generally, not used in home building. Market prices for industrial SPF lumber grades are influenced by housing markets and China’s purchases. SPF lumber is ideal for many uses because it is light, with moderate strength, is worked easily, takes paint readily and holds nails well.  We use SPF lumber in many of our wood packaging designs because it is abundant, affordable, kiln dried, and heat treated.

Why Choose Timber Creek Resource as Your Spruce-Pine-Fir Supplier?

Do you want to deal with an SPF wood supplier with a great track record of happy customers? Timber Creek Resource is an established company with the team, infrastructure, and knowledge to meet your needs for SPF lumber and more. Whether you are looking for SPF, hardwood, or engineered lumber, we serve a variety of industries that demand quality wood products on time and at competitive prices.

We use SPF lumber in a variety of our wood packaging products and you can also buy SPF lumber directly, as well. With multiple mills and a fleet of delivery trucks, we can provide large or small orders quickly and efficiently. Many sizes are stocked, but if you require SPF wood outside of our usual stock we are happy to work with you on a schedule that will fit your delivery requirements. We have clients who use SPF softwood lumber for blocking, bracing, and wood packaging. We sell a variety of wood packaging products and pallets and offer SPF wood as well as other wood product.

Timber Creek Resource has affordable SPF wood for sale in a variety of dimensions and we are equipped to serve the needs of small and larger orders. In business since 1956, our company consists of several locations and is comprised of several companies that are now consolidated into a team of experienced lumber industry professionals who have the knowledge and customer service skills you are looking for. We look forward to learning about your SPF and other wood product needs.