We have worked hard to become not only Wisconsin’s largest, but also most respected, industrial lumber and crating supplier. We are the preferred choice for industrial grade hardwood lumber, softwood lumber, panels, wood boxes, wood crates, wood pallets, plastic pallets and skids. We look forward to helping you with your wood packaging needs.

We can custom design and manufacture any style of wooden box for export and domestic use. We can build to MIL-SPEC requirements or create custom wood boxes to specifications provided by our customers. We have many custom designed wood boxes for sale. Our wood boxes, whether they are standard or custom wood boxes, can be fully assembled with removable tops, sides, or ends or prefabricated for assembly at your location. We can engineer and manufacture any wooden box for shipment to anywhere in the world.

Custom OSB Wood Box

As with our wood boxes, our wood crates are fully customizable. We can create any style of wood crates for export and domestic use, built to MIL-SPEC requirements or yours. We can engineer and manufacture wooden crates to safely ship your product(s) to anywhere in the world. So, whether you need a fully assembled wood crate with an open or removable top, or need a prefabricated knock-down crate for assembly at your location, we can meet your needs. Be sure to ask us about our custom wirebound crate option for shipment in truckloads to anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Custom Wood Crates

If you’re trying to figure out where to buy pallets, you’re in the right place. We have all kinds of pallets for sale – custom wood pallets, softwood pallets, hardwood pallets, heat-treated pallets, and used pallets. We stock wholesale wood pallets for sale, or wood pallets can be manufactured to any specification and quantity desired. We can help you buy pallets that meet your specific needs — any size, quantity, or specific material required. With our ISPM 15 certification, you can ship your product on our wood pallets domestically or internationally.

Custom Wood Pallets

This is not your typical wooden crate. With this unique type of crate, as much of its strength comes from steel as lumber. Wirebound crates are designed to withstand and contain large amounts of sidewall pressure from heavy, loose parts that could shift during shipment. Wirebound crates are machine-made, yet fully customizable. Depending on the application, up to five wires of heavy gauges of steel enclose the walls of these crates. Innovation is great, but Wirebounds have stood the test of time.

Wirebound Crates

Nestable, Our one-way pIf wood pallets don’t meet your needs, we offer plastic pallets for sale. If you’re wondering where to buy pallets, call Timber Creek Resource.


Timber Creek can accommodate all your industrial lumber needs including dense hardwood lumber such as, hard maple and oak; softwood lumber such as, SPF lumber (spruce, pine, fir); or something in between like, aspen, hemlock, or basswood. All of our lumber is or can be heat treated to ISPM 15 standards for export applications. We manufacture and distribute wholesale lumber for shipment all over the United States. To help keep costs down, we have a rail siding at our largest lumber yard in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We offer next-day shipping on many of our stocked lumber items.

Industrial SPF Lumber

Timber Creek stocks common and uncommon panel products used in industrial packaging applications including, domestic and imported plywood, OSB, and hardboard. These panel products can also be cut to custom dimensions on our fully-optimized HOLZMA panel saw. We also cut panel products on our CNC machine for products that require under 1/16-inch dimension tolerance.


At Timber Creek Resource, we have one of the few v-notch machines in the United States that can make long, corrugated boxes for pipes, rods, and tubing. Corrugated tubing boxes not only save weight, space and time, they can also help save money over their wooden counterparts.  Speak with one of our corrugated v-notch box experts today.

V-Notched Corrugated Tube Box

When dimensions are absolutely critical for mounting your product to the wood packaging design, your packaging engineer will consider using our CNC machines to create consistent, CNC wood as a component of your custom wood package. Timber Creek owns and maintains two CNC machines in our Milwaukee facility.

CNC Wood