You Need High Quality Pallets Milwaukee!

It is that time of the year again. You are working to increase the amount of material and goods in your location to meet your customers’ needs. No matter which facet of the business you operate in, from the manufacturing to the distribution, it is essential to have the right type and style of pallet for the job. When it comes to pallets, Milwaukee companies will find numerous options to choose from. You can count on a reliable team like Timber Creek Resource to help you get the job done.

The Type of Pallets Milwaukee Needs

It does not have to be difficult to find exactly what you need. The key is knowing what your needs are. If you are unsure, it helps to speak to a packaging engineer who can give you guidance on the right type of pallet for your application. Options range from two and four-way pallets. You can choose options for equipment, stock, or those for grocery stores. Choose from a variety of designs, too, such as solid top pallets, painted pallets for easy identification, and flush pallets that make storing large numbers of items easy to do.

Take a moment to consider what you need in pallets in Milwaukee. From distribution and shipping pallets to those used for heavy or light duty use, there is much to consider when buying these products. By and far, though, the most important aspect is choosing a reliable company who can help ensure you always receive the highest quality of pallets possible. Quality never has to be questioned when you work with the right company.

When you need high quality, reliable pallets in Milwaukee, put your trust in the professionals at Timber Creek Resource. Call us today 414-466-1645 to get a quote on the products you need.

4 Reasons to Choose Wooden Shipping Boxes for Your Business

Are you tired of your shipping containers breaking? Maybe you are getting too many damage claims, or your freight costs keep going up each quarter? This could be a good time to explore the many benefits of wooden shipping boxes and crates from Timber Creek Resource. In fact, here are four great reasons to consider wood.

1. You Have Little Control Over Freight Handling

Your people may be very careful and experienced with moving and loading goods. However, once your products leave your facility, you have almost no control over what happens. Custom wood crates are more forgiving than cheaply made containers, and they can take some abuse.

2. Fragile Loads

You can carefully mark each container as “fragile,” but these words do very little to protect what’s inside. When you use custom-made wooden shipping boxes from Timber Creek Resource, your materials are fully protected. For example, do you need something designed to prevent crushing? Maybe you want containers that keep their contents from moving about. We can design and build the right wooden shipping boxes for your business.

3. Staging and Stacking

Many companies routinely stage their goods before loading. This makes it easier to count and check loads. Crates made from wood are easily stacked, so it takes less space to stage your materials. It’s also easier to place them into stock because we can give you skid bottoms you can load with lift trucks. There’s no need to invest in a lot of pallets.

4. Many Options

Timber Creek Resource can create just about any kind of wooden shipping boxes you need. We can give you fully assembled containers, or you to save space, you can put them together at your facility. To find out what we can do for your company, call us today at 414-466-1645. Wood may be more cost-effective than you think.

Wooden Crates: The Ideal Solution for All Your Packaging Needs

If you are in a business where you must ship your products either domestically or internationally, you’re going to need a reliable packaging system to ensure your items reach their destinations unscathed. At Timber Creek Resource, we design and manufacture wooden crates, boxes, and pallets to protect products during shipment.

We have engineered and built custom wood crate solutions for hundreds of clients and have also become the go-to supplier for companies simply looking for wooden crates for sale. Because we have been in the crate business for decades with a reputation for the highest level of service. Regional manufacturers and even competitors turn to us for guidance in packaging solutions.

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Wooden Crates

  1. Chose from thousands of packaging designs.

Since our inception, we have designed over 30,000 wood packages for numerous applications and the many wooden crates for sale in our inventory have been designed to provide protection against common problems during shipping. We will also help you choose which packaging design is the most appropriate option for your product. Whatever product you are shipping, we will have or we will create the perfect packaging solution.

  1. We build customized wooden pallet bases.

Your products will be in danger of being damaged if they’re anchored to an unstable base within a crate. This is the main reason why we customize to each customer’s specific application. When designing the crate, our team considers important factors like shock absorption, sheer strength, and blocking. Our customized wooden pallet bases protect your product whether shipping domestically or internationally.

  1. We employ packaging design engineers on our staff.

Every wooden crate, box, and pallet we manufacture goes through the supervision of our experienced packaging design engineers. Drawing from over a century of design experience, we make sure that our packaging solutions deliver exactly what we promise our customers.

  1. We have a fleet of trucks.

For easy delivery of the crates, boxes, and pallets we manufacture, we have invested in a full fleet of trucks. This grants us greater control over delivery, rather than depending on outside carriers alone. Once your order is complete, one of our trucks will deliver same day. We also offer free customer pickup.

The Bottom Line

We don’t sell generic crates and pallets. Instead we make sure that the crates we make are appropriate for the products being shipped by our customers. By designing over 30,000 wooden packages for all sorts of products, we are your resource if you need high-quality wooden crates for sale. Whatever product you want to ship, we have the right packaging solution to ensure your items will reach their destinations complete and undamaged.

For your packaging needs, give us a call at 414-466-1645.

An Overview of Options when Ordering Custom Wooden Boxes

Every day, millions of products are shipped all over the world. If your product is heavy, valuable, fragile or simply an unusual shape or size, it may need require a custom wood shipping box or crate to get it safely to its destination.

In the wood packaging industry, there are three primary options for shipping your product: wood box, wood crate, or wood pallet. First, wood boxes are generally closed off on all sides so your product is completely secure – not visible or accessible. Second, wood crates are generally “open” and your product is visible and potentially accessible. Both boxes and crates can allow stacking safely. Finally, wood pallets are the most cost effective, but offer the least amount of protection and security.

Custom wooden boxes provide the greatest level of protection and security, and offer many options. Your box can be constructed from OSB, plywood, and/or softwood lumber. Each of these materials has unique strengths and independent cost fluctuations. Our experienced packaging engineers design with the most cost effective material at present market conditions, while not sacrificing strength.

Custom wooden boxes and pallets are constructed with either two-way or four-way forklift access. This choice will depend on how you plan to ship and store your product.

For delicate or expensive components, you may choose a foam-lined box. This will provide a level of shock absorption and protection for your products when they are in transit. Many electronics shipments will choose to use foam-lined boxes.

If you intend to make international shipments, it may be required to use heat-treated lumber. Heat treatment is used internationally to eradicate pests that may be in the wood and prevents them spreading between countries.

If you want your company logo, product details or any warning signs to be visible on your custom wooden boxes, one of the most common options is to have this information stencilled onto the box. This ensures the most important data is close at hand during shipping.

Knock-down boxes are manufactured and shipped to you flat and ready to put together yourself. As your packaging manufacturer, we may suggest collapsible, knock-down boxes for several reasons. This may be required if the boxes must be assembled around a large, heavy product. Some customers prefer the cost savings of assembling on their own, and it is also more cost-effective if your packaging needs to be transported a long distance to your factory.

If you have more specialized needs, such as transporting wide-load or oversized heavy machinery, then you will need a custom box designed by a packaging engineer specifically for your situation.

Finding the right packaging solution for your individual needs requires understanding all available options and serious consideration about how you will load, store and ship your product. Timber Creek Resource is one of the largest wood packaging wholesalers in the Midwest. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience by contacting us today.