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Company History

FCA Timber Creek has grown over the last few decades through strategic mergers and acquisitions in the wood packaging industry. With each addition to the FCA family, we have gained new talent, expertise, and capabilities. Companies formerly known as Larkin Lumber, Wetterau Wood Products, MGD Industrial Lumber, Wetenkamp Pallet, Caswell Lumber, Jordan Industrial Lumber, and Oak Creek Wood Products now make up FCA Timber Creek as we know it.

Today, the FCA Timber Creek network works together as a unique, specialized supplier of industrial lumber and custom-designed wood pallets, plastic pallets, wood crates, and wood boxes.

FCA is one of the largest industrial lumber wholesalers and custom crating facilities in the Country, with over 30 facilities nationwide regularly servicing customers in a wide geographic area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide sustainable, cost-effective packaging solutions that protect US manufactured goods shipped around the world.

Our Promise

The Timber Creek and the FCA team is there when you need us to solve your packaging. We pledge to persevere when others fail, from material sourcing to design and fabrication. We will continue to diversify and vertically integrate to offer new services and reduce our lead times. Above all, our team works for you, sourcing sustainable lumber to design the most optimal protective packaging, every time.

Our Customers

While our customers represent diverse industries, our largest customer base is made up of product manufacturers and distributors. To meet their needs, we provide custom packaging for the domestic and international transportation of manufactured parts or finished products. We also provide hardwood lumber and softwood lumber to many other wood packaging manufacturers in our industry. For a complete list of industries served

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Industries We Serve

Our customers appreciate our commitment to their satisfaction and our keen attention to detail, assuring every product and every delivery is exactly what they want, when they want it. Our customers are widespread throughout various industries including, but not limited to:

  • Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturers
  • Chemical Distributors
  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers
  • Defense Manufacturers
  • Distribution/Shipping
  • Domestic Transportation
  • Electrical Control Equipment Manufacturing
  • Electronic Component Manufacturers
  • Electronic Equipment Manufacturers
  • Electronic Equipment Distributors
  • Engine Parts Manufacturers
  • Export Manufacturers
  • Finished Goods Distributors
  • Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers
  • Food Product Manufacturers
  • Food & Dairy Distribution
  • Foundry & Steel Processing Equipment Manufacturing
  • General Commercial Distributors
  • Hardware Manufacturers
  • Heating & Cooling Manufacturers
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers
  • Heavy Lift Crane Manufacturing
  • Heavy Mining Equipment Manufacturers
  • High Voltage Electrical Equipment Manufacturers
  • International Transportation
  • Large Engine Manufacturers
  • Large/Oversized Equipment Manufacturers
  • Large Parts Manufacturing
  • Lighting Manufacturers
  • Lighting/Sign Distributors
  • Lumber Resellers
  • Machine Shop Industry
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturers
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Metal Building Industry
  • Metal Parts Manufacturers
  • Office Equipment Manufacturers
  • Packaging Companies
  • Packaging Manufacturers
  • Pallet Manufacturers
  • Paper Equipment Manufacturers
  • Paper Product Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Distributors
  • Power Generator Manufacturers
  • Printing Industry
  • Railroad Equipment Manufacturers
  • Retail/Consumer Distributors
  • Shipping/Distribution
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  • Ship Building Equipment Manufacturers
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  • Small Engine Manufacturers
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  • Small Parts Manufacturers
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  • Specialty Automotive Manufacturers
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  • Specialty Packaging Equipment Manufacturers
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  • Steel Pipe and Tubing Manufacturers
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  • Warehousing
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  • Wholesale Distributors
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  • Wood Product Manufacturers
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