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Green, Sustainable Packaging

Clean air and water are only part of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Timber Creek buys logs and lumber from managed, sustainable forestland.

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Single Source for Custom Wood Crates and Pallets in Wisconsin

If your company is looking for quality wood crates or pallets for international shipping and storage, then Timber Creek Resource is the manufacturer for you! As local hardwood suppliers, we specialize in meeting the needs of our customers by providing the very best in packaging solutions. We manufacture custom wooden shipping, pallets and wooden crates/boxes in Milwaukee, Antigo, Walworth, Newton, and Janesville, WI for shipment locally and nationally.

Custom Wooden Shipping Crates

We serve a variety of industries here at Timber Creek. Not only are each industry’s packaging needs different based on the products they manufacture and ship, each company within the industry is unique, as well. That is why we offer custom wooden crates at wholesale prices to meet your product’s shipping and storage requirements.

We can create any style of wooden crate for export or domestic use. We can also build the crate to MIL-SPEC or your specific requirements. Our experienced team of packaging engineers can design and manufacture wooden crates for shipment to anywhere in the world.

Custom Wood Pallets

In addition to crates and other products, we also manufacture pallets. Our Timber Creek pallets are ideal for storage and transport. We specialize in custom wood pallets, softwood pallets, hardwood pallets, mixed hardwood and softwood pallets, heat-treated pallets and even used pallets.

Our pallets can be designed and produced to any specification or desired quantity needed. If you are not sure what you need, just give our packaging design team a call and they can help with recommendations based on your product needs. No pallet design is too simple or complex for our engineers or manufacturing locations.

Wisconsin Hardwood Suppliers

As wholesale hardwood suppliers, we produce over 6 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually. Our hardwood sawmills are green, sustainable examples for the industry. Our state of the art Antigo sawmill produces zero waste. We consume 100% of sawdust byproduct as fuel for heat treating lumber, heating the manufacturing operation, or use in smoke flavoring or animal bedding.

Timber Creek Resource is your one stop shop for custom shipping and storage crates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and throughout the United States. Give us a call today at 414-466-1645.